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Podcast: Pastors Unplugged Podcast

Ep 5: What does it mean to meet Jesus?

In this episode Pastors Lloyd and Ryan tackle the question: “What does it mean to meet Jesus?” It was a question raised in our previous episode. In exploring the question we touch on issues of “insider language” in the church (“Christianese”) and moving beyond our language and our rhetoric to have an authentic encounter with…
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Ep 4: Is Jesus alone enough to attract people to church?

In our previous podcast we discussed the concept of belonging, and how should one come to belong in a church. But, that brought up some big questions: Is belonging the primary way we attract people to church? How and when does the Gospel of Jesus Christ get encountered by someone who is new to church?…
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Ep 3: What does it mean to “belong” to a church?

Our third episode! In it we discuss the question, “What does it mean to belong to a church?” Pastors Lloyd and Ryan discuss from their perspective what it means to be a church where people can belong. We dive into topics such as coming to the church as broken people, the significance of relationships, the…
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Ep 2: Getting to Know Pastor Ryan

In the second episode of our podcast, Pastor Ryan takes his turn being interviewed about his pastoral identity. He discusses how he came into faith and ministry, and how that all brought him to be at Queensway (including a discussion on why he’s still here). Video Link: Show notes: “Flawless” by MercyMe Charles Templeton,…
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Ep 1: Getting to Know Pastor Lloyd

In this first episode of our new podcast, Pastors Lloyd and Ryan talk about Lloyd’s call to ministry and what drives his pastoral identity. Pastor Lloyd wants to see more authenticity in our churches and less consumerism. Video Link: Show notes: Pastor Lloyd’s Testimony “The Wounded Healer” by Henri Nouwen​ C. S. Lewis in…
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