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QKids Ministry Team Resources


Scope & Sequence

This is a listing of which lesson we’re doing when. Preschool and Elementary are asked to stay in sync with each other so that we can share resources more effectively. Any suggested changes to the scope & sequence must be agreed upon by both the Preschool and Elementary teams.

Curriculum Digital Media

Our curriculum comes with CDs with digital media on them. This is the DropBox folder where all digital media associated with our curriculum is stored.

See below for quick links:

Volume 11
Volume 12

Training Videos

These are videos provided by the curriculum to help train teachers in the use of the curriculum.

Gospel Project Lesson “At-a-Glance”

Music Videos

Older Quick Links for Curriculum Digital Media

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 5
Volume 7:
Volume 8
Volume 9
Volume 10: