Sundays 10:00 AM (In Person and Online)
211 St. George St., Brantford, ON N3R 1W5
(519) 753-5761

Kids Camp Parent Info

Discovering Jesus with fun and friends

Kids Camp is a TON of fun! We play games, sing songs, do crafts, and so much more! We love spending time with one another, but we love Jesus even more. Kids Camp exists to help kids discover Jesus with fun and friends. We hope you might join us this summer!


Kids Camp Online 2020 at a Glance


Kids Camp Online will be taking place August 10-14th!


Videos will launch at 9am each day. Feel free to watch the daily videos through out the day.

We will also be have online gatherings through Zoom! Stay tuned for the posting of those times. 


Since this year the program is done from home, we are not limiting the age of participation. However, our target audience will still be JK-Grade 6.


Right in the comfort of your own home!


$5 per child (for craft and science activity supplies which we will provide)

Financial assistance is available! We’d rather your child be here than not be here.


Knights at North Castle


9:30 AM // Opening Assembly
The daily opening assembly will premiere every morning at 9:30 AM. It will contain songs, skits, and a Bible story. Even if you do not tune in for the premiere, kids will be able to watch it any time during the day.

10:00 AM – 4:00 PM // Crafts, Science and Activities
After the opening assembly each day we will have seperate videos for the craft, the science experiments  and the daily activity, in order that your children can complete these activities at any point throughout the day! We will be encouraging parents to post pictures and videos of their childrens crafts and science experiments on a private site so that we can see and encourage them!

4:30 PM // Daphne & Ryan React
Join into our live stream at the end of each day as Daphne and Pastor Ryan react to the crafts and activities of the children. We are doing this to encourage the children in the gifts that God has given them. Also we think it will be fun to encourage the children!

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