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Kids Camp Online – Day 5

Day 5 Assembly


Tune in for so fun songs, songs and a Bible lesson! Sir Ryan walks the kids through the story of Paul and Silas being set free from jail! It’s going to be lit! Tune in at 9:30am!

Day 5 Craft

Helmet of Salvation

Amanada talks us throguh how to make our own helmet of salvation! That wasy we can armour up with salvation! 

Day 5 Science

Cloud of Soap

For our final science experiment we are going to be making a cloud of soap! Watch as a simple bar of soap is transormed into a cloud like shape!

Warning: This science experiment uses the microwave. If you have a problem with your children using the microwave we suggest looking up another science experiment to substitute this one. 

Daily Activity

Dress-Up in Theme

Knights! I am so glad that you have found all of these pieces of the armour of God! I want to see you guys dress up in your best knight outfits! Make sure to get your parents to send in pictures for the end of day celebration!

End of Day Celebration Day 5

End of Day Celebration

At the end of the day at 4:30 PM we get on a live stream to celebrate all the crafts, science experiements, and activities you have done throughout the day. Take photos or vidoes of your children’s creations and post them to the Kids Camp Online Private Facebook group or email to .