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Kids Camp Online – Day 4

Day 4 Assembly


Tune in for so fun songs, songs and a Bible lesson! Sir Ryan walks the kids through the story of Jesus walking on water! It’s going to be lit! Tune in at 9:30am!

Day 4 Craft

Oragami Boat

Amanda is goign to talk us through how to make an oragami boat! This craft can be a little difficult so we gave you some extra paper to try a couple of times!

Day 4 Science


Daphne is going to walk us through how to make this Non-Newtonian fluid! Non-Newtonia fluid is a liquid that turns into a solid when pressure is applied! It is so much fun to play with and also simple to make!

Warning: When the food colour is added the is a chance that Ooblec will stain. If you are worried about staining we recommend doing this experiment outside.

Daily Activity

Zoom Call

You guys are not going to want to miss out on our Zoom call today! It is going to be taking place at 1pm! The Zoom link is posted down below!

Meeting ID: 849 2120 3547
Passcode: 998244

End of Day Celebration Day 4

End of Day Celebration

At the end of the day at 4:30 PM we get on a live stream to celebrate all the crafts, science experiements, and activities you have done throughout the day. Take photos or vidoes of your children’s creations and post them to the Kids Camp Online Private Facebook group or email to .