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Kids Camp Online – Day 3

Day 3 Assembly


Tune in for so fun songs, songs and a Bible lesson! Sir Ryan walks the kids through the story of Christmas and the miracle birth of Jesus! It’s going to be lit! Tune in at 9:30am!

Day 3 Craft

Stain Glass Navitity Scene

Our story today was all about Mary her journey to Bethlahem and the miracle birth of Jesus! It is so important to remember the story of Christmas all year long! Today we are making so stain glass art with tissue paper, white glue and black construction paper.

Day 3 Science

Walking Water

Did you know that water can walk? Well it doesn’t actually have feet so it can’t really walk, but today we can get water to move without us even touching it! Daphne is going to show us how we can make water “walk”!

Daily Activity

Build a Fort

Every good knight needs a fort! I want to see what crazy amazing fort you guys can build! 

Make sure to share a video with Pastor Ryan and Daphne and maybe you will see your video on the Ryan and Daphne React Show! We can’t wait to see all of your crazy fun dances! To submit your video either post it on the private Facebook group or email us at

End of Day Celebration Day 3

End of Day Celebration

At the end of the day at 4:30 PM we get on a live stream to celebrate all the crafts, science experiements, and activities you have done throughout the day. Take photos or vidoes of your children’s creations and post them to the Kids Camp Online Private Facebook group or email to