Sundays 10:00 AM (In Person and Online)
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Kids Camp Online – Day 1

Day 1 Assembly


Tune in for so fun songs, songs and a Bible lesson! Sir Ryan walks the kids through the story of Shadrack, Meshack and Abendago! It’s going to be lit! Tune in at 9:30am!

Day 1 Craft

Belt of Truth

Amanda walks us through how to make a blet of truth. These belts are so much fun for dressing up. They also reinforce the point that we have to be armour up with God!

Warning: there is an option to use paint so make sure that your Kids are dressed appropiately!

Day 1 Science

Invisible Fire Extinguisher

Daphne walks us through how to make an invisible fire extinguisher! It is so cool to be able to see a flame blow out almost like magic!  

Warning: This science experiment contains fire. Make sure that a parent is present when preforming this activity. 

Daily Activity

Making a Dance

We want you to take one of the Kids Camp songs and come up with your own dance! Check out the Kids Camp playlist through the button on the Kids Camp home page! 

Make sure to share a video with Pastor Ryan and Daphne and maybe you will see your video on the Ryan and Daphne React Show! We can’t wait to see all of your crazy fun dances!  To submit your video either post it on the private Facebook group or email us at

End of Day Celebration Day 1

End of Day Celebration

At the end of the day at 4:30 PM we get on a live stream to celebrate all the crafts, science experiements, and activities you have done throughout the day. Take photos or vidoes of your children’s creations and post them to the Kids Camp Online Private Facebook group or email to .