Sundays 10:00 AM (In Person and Online)
211 St. George St., Brantford, ON N3R 1W5
(519) 753-5761

COVID-19 Updates

Queensway Baptist Church will be reopening for in person attendance starting Sunday July 4th

A few important reminders: 

What will Sunday look like? 
Phase one will allow for congregants to register to attend in-person Sunday mornings to view the live stream being recorded. 
Covid screening will be completed twice; once during registration & again upon arrival to the service.
Please enter the building by using the sanctuary doors. Doors will open 20 minutes prior to the service starting. 
Congregants will need to sanitize and sign in upon arrival . Ushers will seat congregants: Chairs will be placed into cohorts based on registration and socially distanced from others. 
Congregants must wear a facemask covering your mouth, nose and chin. Masks must remain on properly the entire time you are within the building. 
How can I register to attend?
We encourage you to register early as it is on a first come first serve basis.
You can register online by clicking the link below or by calling the office 519-753-5761 once you have completed our Covid screening procedures. If no one answers at the office line, please leave a message and indicate your name, phone number & number of people attending. 

COVID Assessment :
*Fever (Temp > 38.5)
*A Cough
*Experienced unusual fatigue in the last 48 hours
*Lost sense of taste or smell
*Travelled outside the province within the last 14 days
*Been in known contact with someone that has COVID-19 symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19

If you have checked off any of the symptoms above, out of love for others, we respectfully cannot allow you into our in-person service. Rather, we would encourage you to check out our online service on Facebook, or Youtube. Following a 14-day isolation period we would then welcome you to join us for an in-person service. Don’t forget to bring face masks to services.

Sunday Worship

Sunday services are live-streamed at 10:00 AM on our YouTube channel or Facebook Page .

Church Office & Building

Please do not access the building without permission from Council. You can access the building by appointment only. Anyone accessing the building will be required to follow Qbc Covid policies and procedures. 
Thank you!

Financial Support of the Church

UPDATE 3/25/2020: We now have instructions for giving via cash or cheque. See below.

It is a matter of integrity and Christian witness that our bills as a church continue to be paid. Roughly half of our church makes use of the PAR (Pre-Authorized Remittance) plan and for this giving tool we should be thankful. You are reminded as well of the on-line giving option.

To give via cash or cheque, please mail (do not drop off) your donation to Joyce, our Financial Secretary (address can be found in the church directory – contact us for a copy if you do not have one). We ask that you please do not lick your envelope to seal it, but use an envelope moistener or a small amount of water to moisten the seal instead.

Thank you for your diligence in worshiping through your ongoing tithes and offerings.

Stay Connected!

Please be aware of the people in our congregation who are elderly or who are living alone. The reality of “social distancing” can exacerbate feelings of loneliness and isolation. Please reach out (by phone, etc.) regularly to those brothers and sisters that the Spirit places on your heart if only to have one-to-one conversations and personal interactions.

Prayer Request

Please continue to be in prayer for this entire situation. In particular, pray for healthcare workers who are on the front-lines of this pandemic. Pray for our government leaders to make appropriate and productive decisions. Pray for those facing increased hardships due to loss of work, social interactions and more. Pray that the church would be a lighthouse of hope and compassion in this difficult time.

Receipts & Cheques

All tax receipts and reimbursements cheques that were not picked up from church mailboxes prior to closure are being mailed to your home address.

Additional News & Updates

We are trying our hardest to keep everyone up to date in this very uncertain time. We will do our best to keep this page updated with the most essential information, but there will certainly be a variety of announcements made in the coming weeks pertaining to our various ministries. Please see our News & Updates page to subscribe to the various ways we send out news to our congregation.