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Sermon Reflections


Julie Nguyen – September 15, 2019
I think it’s really interesting how we see things. And sometimes we need to change the way we see things. Shift our perspective.
Today, we were presented with an old vision. The vision to go out into the world and make disciples. Yet how many people fall away from the church daily?
When we focus on the numbers, the stress of getting numbers up, where is Jesus in all this? The focus, the main point gets lost.
It doesn’t matter how many people get “saved” during an evangelism session, or at VBS, but the heart of the follower. Who is discipling these people after they accept Jesus? Who is walking with them as they explore their faith and get to know Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit for who they are? If we don’t walk with them, they fall away as the seed is choked out by the word.
There is urgency in the gospel. How many people do you pass in a day? How many do you think know that Jesus loves them? How many people do you pass that wishes they got a sign from God?
How many of us are willing to trade our place for someone else? The answer is simple. Just one. Jesus. He’s already done it for us all. And people need to hear it.
We need to change our perspective to look at all things through the eyes of the kingdom of God.