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Those who call QBC their home church are welcome to utilize the RightNow Media online resource. RightNow Media is kind of like the Netflix of Bible study material. It is an online video library with an immense amount of content from small group studies, to children’s shows, to training videos, etc. You can access it from any computer or smartphone, which can then be easily connected to a television or projector.

How do I access RightNow Media?

You must be invited into RightNow Media. Please contact the church office to gain access. Once you have a password, you access RightNow Media through your web browser by going to http://www.rightnowmedia.org, and clicking “Login” at the top right corner. Enter your email and your password, and away you go!

How should RightNow Media be used?

However you wish! Access is unlimited, so log in and find something you like. This is a great way for you to supplement your personal devotional time.However, this is not only for individuals, but also for groups. We encourage small group leaders and youth leaders to check out these resources to see if any of them would be helpful in your ministry, especially if you are accustomed to video material from DVDs. If you need any help learning how to get RightNow Media set up for your small group (whether it meets at your home or at the church), please contact the church office.

How should RightNow Media not be used?

For as great of resource as this is, we were initially conflicted about whether or not this was a good thing for us. One of the core parts of Family Ministry is breaking down silos and getting people connected to one another. Our culture is one of isolation. We live in our own homes, keeping to ourselves, not getting to know our neighbors, coming to church and always saying hello to the same people, and so on, and so on. The Internet has not necessarily helped this either. With everything at our fingertips we don’t need to connect to others to buy groceries, be entertained, or receive Biblical teaching. Even Facebook, which is all about connecting people, has resulted in a certain shallowness to relationships which is not altogether healthy or Biblical. So, with all these struggles we face in our culture, why are we providing a resource that makes meeting with people an unnecessary element of spiritual growth?

  1. It’s already out there. Biblical teaching and sermons are already online. We’d be hypocritical to speak one way about RightNow Media and another way about other sources of video teaching.
  2. We already have something like RightNow Media….. for books. It’s called a “library”. Are we going to dismantle the library because it enables people to grow spiritually without needing to meet with people? No! Libraries (whether for books or videos) are useful tools for educating our congregation and don’t need to result in isolation.
  3. Rather than safeguard people from these kinds of things (which is impossible) we need to help train our congregation to value community and to think broadly about how they are using their faith to engage with others. Even this process of introducing RightNow Media to all of you has helped start a conversation on how we interact with the Body of Christ within a culture of isolation.

Therefore, it is our hope that those using RightNow Media would not use it as an excuse to not attend worship services or small groups. Worship and small groups are valuable and vital aspects of church life at Queensway, and if you are not already connected to a small group, please talk to Pastor Ryan. It is through others that God sharpens us and shapes us and spurs us to living godly lives. So, instead of just going through a study on your own, why not ask someone else, “would you like to go through this study with me?” That way you can help each other reflect on what God is teaching you which will only help you with your spiritual growth.Of course, we do not want to discourage you from using this resource individually. That’s what it’s there for. Just, don’t let that be the only way you use it.

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