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Scope & Sequence This is a listing of which lesson we’re doing when. Preschool and Elementary are asked to stay in sync with each other so that we can share resources more effectively. Any suggested changes to the scope & sequence must be agreed upon by both the Preschool and Elementary teams.
Curriculum Media


Our curriculum comes with CDs with digital media on them. This is the DropBox folder where all digital media associated with our curriculum is stored.

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Training Videos These are videos provided by the curriculum to help train teachers in the use of the curriculum.
Gospel Project Lesson “At-a-Glance”
[Elementary] [Preschool]
A curriculum-provided resource illustrating their recommended lesson flow.


Curriculum Purchase Overview from Pastor Ryan [Oct 4, 2017]

Music Videos

Use this DropBox link to view and download all the music videos that we have at our disposal.

Important copyright notice: These are copyrighted files and may only be used in association with ministries related to Queensway Baptist Church. They are not for personal use (e.g., not to be shared with families so they can use them at home). They should never be shared outside of our teaching team and certainly never shared outside of our church.



Ministry Scheduler Pro Login MSP’s login page for our church. Go here to see the real-time ministry schedule, update your preferences, request subs, and volunteer for sub requests.

Ministry Scheduler Pro

Ministry Scheduler Pro is a program we have purchased to assist us in coordinating the schedules of Sunday morning worship. This is an overview of its features.

Personal Login

When you come onto the QKids team you should receive an MSP welcome email from Pastor Ryan or Michelle Mihaichuk, our administrator. In that email you will be given a user name and password to log into the MSP websiteKeep in mind this website is specific to our church, so you will need to bookmark this link. You will not be able to reach this page from the MSP home page.

Reminder Emails

If you are active on the QKids team you should be regularly receiving emails from “Michelle Mihaichuk” on the Monday before you are scheduled. This is an automated email that is sent by the MSP program.

Sub Requests

If you are unable to attend your scheduled class, you may request a sub by clicking the “request sub” link in your Monday reminder email. You can also request a sub by logging in to the MSP webpage and clicking the “My Schedule” tab. When you request a sub, an automated email will be sent to your ministry team notifying them of your sub request.

Important note #1 about sub requests: While MSP is a great resource to assist you in finding a sub, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring that someone is covering for you. Clicking the “sub request” link is no guarantee that someone will be subbing for you. Please ensure by the Friday before your scheduled slot that someone has subbed for you. You will know that your sub request has not been responded to if you have not received an email notifying you of the substitution. You can also verify by logging into the MSP webpage and checking the status of your sub request on the “My Schedule” tab. If your slot has not been covered by the Friday before, please contact the members of your team directly to arrange a sub. You will find the current list of volunteers for your ministry on the QKids Schedule. If after making a strong effort to find a sub with no success, please email Pastor Ryan to let him know that no one is currently expected to fill your slot.

Important note #2 about sub requests: Sub requests can only be made by the Thursday before your scheduled slot. If you wish to request a sub after Thursday, please contact your team members directly to arrange a sub.

Absence due to sickness or emergency

All of us get sick. All of has have emergencies that spring up in our lives. We completely understand if one of these circumstances prevents you from attending your scheduled slot and finding a sub. If possible, please email Pastor Ryan ASAP notifying him of your absence.

Older Curriculum Media

Curriculum Media


Our curriculum comes with CDs with digital media on them. This is the DropBox folder where all digital media associated with our curriculum is stored.

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