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Preacher: Rev. Ryan Marthinsen

Advent 4: The Wise Men [Giving]

The Wise Men gave abundantly of their time, treasure, and talent just to catch a glimpse of the King of the Jews and to pay honor to him. What can…

Advent 3: The Shepherds [Joy]

What was so joyful about this news that the angels brought to the shepherds the night of Jesus’ birth? What did it mean to them that Jesus was born? What…

Advent 2: Mary & Joseph [Trust]

Mary and Joseph had to trust God immensely, especially for what it would mean for them to be expecting a child before being married. How can their trust in God…

Advent 1: The Stable [Messy]

A stable is messy: not the kind of place you would expect the coming King to be born. Some of us may feel our hearts are too messy for God.…

Summer of Love – “Love and Justice”

August 12, 2018

Righteousness From God [Romans Series P2] – NO SERMON RECORDING

May 13, 2018
Due to a technical glitch, we do not have sermon audio for this week's sermon.