At QBC membership matters! While anyone is free to worship at QBC and not join for as long as they like, we do hope that those who choose to make us their church home would eventually consider becoming a member.

The Process

  1. New Friends Lunch [Queensway 101]. Every few months we offer a free lunch after Sunday worship to those who have recently started  regularly attending QBC. At the lunch you will meet pastoral staff and our Spiritual Care and Worship committee. We will also give you a brief overview of how things work at QBC.Going to New Friends Lunch does not obligate you to eventually become a member. Nor is it  a strict requirement before becoming a member. However, if you were thinking about maybe becoming a member one day, New Friend’s Lunch is a good way to find out more about QBC in a non-committal way.
  2. Be baptized (if you have not already). Click here for more information about baptism at QBC.
  3. Request to become a member. This is not something very formal. Simply get in touch with our pastoral staff or any member of our Spiritual Care and Worship committee and we will make sure the right people are notified. You will receive an information package along with a membership form.
  4. Complete the membership form. This provides a way for us to get to know you so that we may partner with you and your spiritual journey.
  5. Attend “Queensway 201“. This class will go more into depth about QBC culture, baptist distinctives, our church history, etc.
  6. Be welcomed into membership. Upon completing Queensway 201 we will schedule with you a Sunday worship service when we may publicly welcome you into membership. All members will recite the Queensway Covenant together and new members will sign the Covenant Book.