How Small Groups Work at QBC

Worship services help connect us to God. Small groups are where we more deeply explore what faith means for us personally.

So often we leave Sunday worship and nothing in our lives has changed. Small groups help us to go deeper in to God’s Word, to be vulnerable and honest about our struggles, and to encourage one another toward the transformation that the Holy Spirit has begun. It is our desire that everyone in our church be connected to some form of deep spiritual community where that is taking place.


Small Groups take one of 3 forms at QBC:

  1. Short-Term Studies. These are small groups that meet for a short period of time (about 6-12 weeks normally) to go over a particular study. Often the study material is some sort of topical study (e.g., The Truth Project, Spiritual Parenting, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage). While it is completely possible (and encouraged) that the study group remains together after the study ends, there is no such expressed expectation.
  2. Ongoing Small Groups. These are small groups that are not limited by a particular study and are open to anyone joining at any time. They are like Short-Term Studies, except they do not disband after a particular study is complete. After one study completes the group will proceed to another study.
  3. Unlisted Small Groups. These groups are just like Ongoing Small Groups, except they are not listed (by the small group’s request) on this website, flyers, etc. The primary reason why some small groups are unlisted is because there has been a certain trust and vulnerability fostered between the members, and inviting anyone off the street would potentially threaten that trust and vulnerability. This is not to say that they are “closed” or “private”. All unlisted small groups are encouraged to be open to inviting new people.

Joining One

Short-Term Studies & Ongoing Small Groups

See the Small Group List page for a listing of small groups with their time and location of meeting. As a courtesy, we encourage you to contact the small group contact person so that they might know you are coming and perhaps get you up to speed on what they are studying.

Unlisted Small Groups

If you are attracted to the idea of a tight-knit small group where deep trust and vulnerability is fostered, please contact Pastor Ryan to see if one of our unlisted small groups would be a good fit for you.